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    (15-18 may 2019, Yaroslavl region)

    “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not

    walk in darkness but will have the light of life» (In. 8: 12.)


    International youth film festival “Light to the world” (hereinafter – the Festival) is held annually in the Yaroslavl region.

    The founders of the Festival are the Rybinsk diocese of the Yaroslavl metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church and the national Fund for support of rights holders (Moscow).

    The organizers of the 9th Festival: MOUDO dyuc “Yaroslavich” (Yaroslavl); Orthodox information Agency “Russkaya Letopis” (Yaroslavl, Russia), OOO “Producer Tsentr kinodvor (Yaroslavl); the Center of “Sunny” (Rybinsk); gallery of modern Orthodox art and painting “Under the blessed cover of” (Uglich).

    The festival is held with the support of the Department of education and Culture of the city of Yaroslavl, the administration of the Yaroslavl region, state, commercial and public structures, as well as the media.

    The President of the Festival is Metropolitan Panteleimon of Yaroslavl and Rostov.

    The preparation and holding of the 9th International youth film festival “light of the world” deals with the Organizational Committee (the “Committee”) of the Festival, headed by the Bishop of Rybinsk and Danilovskom Benjamin.

    1. The Aim Of The Festival:

    to promote spiritual, moral, Patriotic, artistic and aesthetic education of modern youth.

    2. Tasks Of The Festival:

    – creating an environment for healthy creative communication of children and youth film studios and individual young film enthusiasts;

    – providing methodological and practical assistance to specialists working in the field of children and youth film-making;

    – identification and support of gifted children;

    – showing the achievements of young film fans, promoting traditional spiritual and moral values and a healthy lifestyle.

    3. Dates and venue of the 9th Festival.

    Applications are accepted from January 1 to March 10, 2019 by e-mail to: kinofest-svetmiru@mail.ru ahhh!

    Qualifying stage: from March 11 to April 1, 2019.

    The list of finalists is published no later than April 15, 2019.

    Final of the festival: from 15 to 18 may 2019 in the Yaroslavl region (Rybinsk, Uglich, Tutaev, Yaroslavl).

    4. Competition program. Generalities.

    The international youth film festival “Light to the world” is held in two stages: selection of the best video works (in absentia) and the final.

    The competition accepts films, videos and film programs created by Amateur film studios and individual authors, whose age does not exceed 35 years.

    A Selection Committee is created to pass the works to the final part of the competition. The films passed to the final are evaluated by the Jury of the film festival.

    The selection Committee makes a preliminary selection, as a result of which films of high technical and artistic level, corresponding to the goals and objectives of the Festival, pass to the final.

    The results of the qualifying stage are announced no later than April 15, 2019 on the website and in the group of the festival.

    The authors of the films that passed to the final of the Festival are invited to the final events of the Festival, which will be held on may 15-18, 2019 in the Yaroslavl region (Rybinsk, Uglich, Tutaev, Yaroslavl).

    The jury begins its work on April 10, 2019. Each film, which passed to the final, is evaluated by a 5-point system (from 0 to 5).

    Film evaluation criteria:

    – ensure that the objectives of the Festival;

    – artistic and performing level of the work;

    – originality.

    Films that have received an average rating of 3.5 to 5 points, become winners of the festival and are awarded with diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree. The other finalists receive consolation diplomas.

    In addition, members of the jury and sponsors can award their favorite movies with special prizes and diplomas (for acting, directing or cinematography, for the idea, etc.).

    Also at the Festival the best films are determined and awarded according to the children’s and youth jury.

    5. Categories Of Competition.

    – Category “A”: children’s groups and individual authors.

    A movie can only fall into category ” A ” if at least one of the following conditions is met:

    1. Age of the main Director-not older than 17 years (at the time of the film);

    2. The age of the main operator should not be older than 17 years (at the time of the making of the film);

    3. The majority of actors (or presenters for TV programs and documentaries) are under 17 years of age (at the time of making the film);

    4. The age of the creators of all animated images (drawings, three – dimensional figures and objects, computer images, etc.) – not older than 17 years (at the time of the film).

    – Category “B”: youth groups and individual authors.

    A movie can only fall into category ” B ” if at least one of the following conditions is met:

    1. Age of the main Director – from 18 to 35 years (at the time of the film);

    2. Age of the main operator – from 18 to 35 years (at the time of the film);

    3. Most actors (or presenters for TV programs and documentaries) are between 18 and 35 years old (at the time of the film);

    4. The age of the creators of all of the animated images (drawings, three-dimensional shapes and objects, computer images, etc.) – from 18 to 35 years (at the time of the making of the film).

    6. Nominations and timing of works.

    1. “Light to the world “( films and programs about Orthodoxy);

    2. Fiction film;

    3. Non-fiction movies;

    4. TV program (plot);

    5. Animation;

    6. Video;

    7. Social video

    8. Films and programs of local studios and authors (Yaroslavl region).

    The duration of the contest works is not limited, but during the selection the preference is given to films and programs lasting up to 30 min.

    In 2019, the festival will host the II regional photo contest “Yaroslavl region through the eyes of children” (a separate provision on the photo contest – in Annex 2).

    7. Condition of participation.

    The competition program of the festival “Light to the world” can be attended by filmmakers aged 5 to 35 years of any religion. We do not accept works that promote the activities of totalitarian, occult, satanic, and any other destructive cults, psychics, magicians, sorcerers, healers, etc. the list of the most well-known sects and cults: http://iriney.ru/alfavitnyij-spisok.html#

    Films and programs created not earlier than 2012 are accepted for participation in the film competition. The working language of the Festival is Russian. Programs (films) created in a foreign language must have superimposed subtitles in Russian or simultaneous translation. As an exception, the organizing Committee may accept the film in English.

    It is desirable to send movies via file sharing in AVCHD, AVI, MOV, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format. HD movies are welcome.

    The number of works from one team (author) is not limited.

    Applications and films must be received by the organizing Committee no later than March 10, 2019!

    8. Holding the final of the Festival.

    The final part of the Festival will be held from 15 to 18 may 2019, the Participants will visit Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Uglich, Tutaev. Screenings of competitive films will be held in other cities of the Yaroslavl region.

    In the program of the final-watching films-finalists, discussion of works, master classes, a round table for teachers and Directors of film studios, excursions… The festival will include concerts and creative meetings with famous cultural figures.

    At the closing ceremony of the Festival on may 18, winners and prize-winners in each category will be announced, including according to the youth and children’s jury, Grand Prix winners, as well as special prizes and incentive diplomas.

    9. Financial condition.

    Participation in the Festival competition is free of charge. Travel of participants of the final to the venue of the festival and back-at the expense of the participants of the festival. Accommodation, meals and cultural and excursion program are paid by the organizers of the festival (if there is sufficient funding).

    10. Contacts.

    Postal address of the Festival organizing Committee:

    150063, Yaroslavl, street Trufanova, d. 25, korp.2. MOUDO dyuc “Yaroslavich”.

    Phone: +79038213716 (Archpriest Yevgeny Glazunov); +79056369312 (Oleg Svobodin).

    e-mail: kinofest-svetmiru@mail.ru the Website of the festival: http://kinofest-svetmiru.ru/ Group of the festival “Vkontakte”: http://vk.com/svetmiru2013 FB https://www.facebook.com/svetmiru2013/